Bluethumb Digital launches Muses NFT collection

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Bluethumb Digital launches Muses NFT collection

Fine art platform Bluethumb Digital has launched a second collection inspired by the Greek sister goddess of art, called Muses.

According to the curators, this collection celebrates women breaking ground in the Australian NFT and digital art scene.

The lineup includes, photographer-turned digital creative Stefanie Neal, Indigenous artist Kelly Taylor, urban painter Lucy Lucy.

This follows the platform’s inaugural Genesis Drop featuring prominent names such as NGV-featured fibre artist Tammy Kanat and TikTok creator Marble Mannequin – who has 4.9 million followers.

Emilia Russell, lead at Bluethumb Digital said, “As a woman who’s been in the crypto space for a few years now, this collection is very close to my heart. We play a crucial role in setting the tone for representation as an industry.

“Online communities (such as Boys Club) and projects are really important in helping everyone to feel like the NFT space is one where they are welcome. Helping to bring this collection to life is something I am incredibly proud of, and I can’t wait to shine a spotlight on the diversity of Australia’s digital art talent.”

Seeking to explore themes of femininity and self-expression, Muses will see some favourites from the Genesis Drop return, as well as introduce some well-known faces from Australia’s wider art scene into the mix.

Joy Chiang, an artist featured in this second drop said, “It’s heartbreaking to think that the gender gap may not close in my or my kid’s lifetime. We have the opportunity now to leverage technology and reshape the internet to be better. By elevating diverse voices in the NFT space, we can only grow to expand our own perspectives and be better for it.”

Bluethumb is committed to uplifting artists in Australia and supporting those in pursuit of their passion as a full-time career. By extension, Bluethumb Digital is excited to provide an avenue for emerging digital artists to succeed and cross over into the NFT space.

Bluethumb understands that environmental impact is a core concern of the blockchain industry and its supporters. Since Bluethumb Digital’s first launch, the company has been proud to partner with Trace to offset its carbon footprint and ensure  the platform’s NFT collections are climate-positive.

Founded in Adelaide in 2012, Bluethumb represents more than 17,000 emerging and established artists from Australia. Working together with 25 of the most remote Aboriginal-owned and operated not-for-profit Art Centres across the country, the locally-owned company is committed to making Australian artists and their art more accessible than anywhere else in the world.

Muses is live now.

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