Building customer empathy is imperative: Genesys execs

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Building customer empathy is imperative: Genesys execs

Building customer empathy has become a business imperative as organisations need to understand their consumers and take meaningful action to improve a situation, according to Genesys leaders.

During the Genesys G-Summit held in Sydney, Assaf Tarnopolsky, SVP APAC, and Mark Buckley, VP ANZ at Genesys discussed why organisations need to embrace customer empathy within their brand.

Buckley said empathy transcends time and context for a brand’s customers.

“The relationships have been cultivated in the moment, across days, months or years and these interactions are done on different channels. What we're starting to see is that organisations are now deeming the experience is at the same level, if not more important, than the product or service,” he explained.

Buckley said they are finding the best experience customers had becomes the benchmark for going forward.

He said, “What we have is a real convergence of customer experience and employee experience. Our most recent reports are showing that two out of the top three challenges for delivering exceptional customer experience relate to employees and their teams.”

The transformation from a business-centric approach to a people-centric approach, one that drives long-term relationships, builds trust and loyalty and is the right approach for businesses these days is important, Assaf Tarnopolsky said.

He pointed out three key ways companies can create a people-centric approach within their business.

“The companies that successfully made these transformations are the ones that are going to be looking at long-term value for their customers and are the ones that are going to succeed over time,” he said.

“Looking at making a shift from discrete siloed interactions, one-off interaction to end-to-end experiences and the technology enables.”

Organisations need to think about employees not just as resources but as difference makers, Tarnopolsky said.

“Your employees are the ones who connect at the frontline and when you think about them as connectors, and as the ones who can make those relationships and build that loyalty, will transform your business,” he said.

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