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C-suite executives and company boards are operating in an unprecedented environment of disruption, transformation, and accelerating change.

Our readers are the leaders in finance, technology, marketing, HR, sales, operations, product, innovation, and customer experience.

Digital technologies, data science, the global shift to sustainability and radical changes in how and where we work, how we source talent, what we buy and how we live have created complex and challenging environments for commercial and government leaders alike.

Digital Nation Australia delivers a forum for robust discussion and debate about the impact of change and the role of business and government in society.

This is the publication for transformational leaders across all the disciplines on the executive team and for those who report to them and advise them.

Our journalists and contributors recognise the complexity of contemporary business and public sector ecosystems where choices are rarely clear and almost never binary.

Whether you are an insurgent business looking to create new wealth by redefining customer experiences and industry value chains, or an incumbent business deploying advantages of scale and distribution to extend into adjacent or new markets, Digital Nation Australia is designed to meet your information needs.

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