Aware Super says marketing automation delivers personalised customer experience

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Creating customer journeys that are relevant and intuitive is critical to successful marketing automation according to Karen Ganschow, head of data sciences at Aware Super.

Aware Super has recently moved to the latest version of Adobe’s marketing solution, Adobe Journey Optimizer and Ganschow says that marketing automation is helping the business to provide personalised experiences to its members.

“[We're] using our understanding of our members and their context, what segments they are in, what part of their life stage and how we can make sure that we're giving them the right support for their particular situation. And that part flows into the outbound communications,” says Ganschow.

She also says it helps for the business to remain relevant to members.

“It’s not really relevant for us to talk to a member at the age of 29 about what their retirement goal is because it's so far away. But we want to make sure we talk to them about how they can use their super save up for home, or making sure they've got the right insurances for their own personal circumstances. So then when they implement either of those want to make sure the experience of doing so is an excellent one.”

From a data perspective, Aware Super has a multi-pillar approach says Ganschow. She believes that capturing quality data and ensuring that there is good management and governance over the data will allow it to be used to the greatest effect.

When integrating new automation, one large risk to plan for is if the outcome proves to be more difficult to the customers than it was before.

“If someone's straying from what seems to be optimal, how well are you at picking it up and putting them into a different experience. Or ultimately at having someone call them or be able to call so being managed by a person rather than the machine?” says Ganschow.

“We all deal with people like Google and Amazon where there is no person. They might not even have a contact centre to call, They do it very well, but they've been doing it for a while and they've got it optimised.  [They're] constantly, making it even more and more effective."

It is important to understand what is not working, and where there are opportunities for customers to be supported in another channel, she told Digital nation Australia.

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