Case Study: Bupa incorporates real-time monitoring in aged care

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Bupa is embracing real-time monitoring technology to oversee its 50 aged care homes across Australia which reduces time on maintenance.

Luke Williams, head of service management and governance, technology at Bupa discusses with Digital Nation Australia how the company streamlined its network operations through the adoption of a unified monitoring platform.

He said, “We had a number of disparate and aged on-prem monitoring solutions, bespoke for both infrastructure and application related across different business units. As we bought those different business units onto the one network, we had a duplication of applications and duplication of monitoring tools.”

What he did at Bupa was focus on cost savings, but also evaluated what gave the company the most value for their money.

When thinking of aged care, if they have network issues at an aged care home it could potentially be life or death, Williams explained.

Through the new solution they implemented in 2018, they are seeing live feeds of their network infrastructure.

“We know exactly what's happening at any point in time, since implementing LogicMonitor to a third-party partner to be able to monitor our services 24/7, now we have real-life monitoring.

“We have people sitting there watching dashboards and the escalation points are now proactive, as much as reactive can be. We're still seeing it automating it we have linked LogicMonitor with ServiceNow seeing real-time events,” he said.

Historically, Williams said there was a lot of “reactive monitoring”.

“We're sitting there waiting for things to happen and then responding to what we're seeing now. We've caught a number of incidents before they've occurred, which has avoided a lot of downtime,” he explained.

“The big thing that we've seen is spending less time on maintenance. Now it's cloud-based, so we're able to invest and look at continuous service improvement opportunities. That's one of the big things that we found with this solution in the cloud.

“We're not patching every month and having to do all that stuff for on-prem monitoring solutions, where now we can just roll forward. It saved us a heap of time in that space, specifically maintenance. Obviously, we deal a lot with customer data security is key to it as well,” he added.

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