Case study: How Prospa creates a seamless CX for its lenders

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Prospa is a small business lender that offers small, large and lines of credit for businesses across Australia with more than 13,000 customers.

Alison Binskin, head of business enablement at Prospa discussed with Digital Nation how the small business lender implemented a solution to bring together all its various communication channels and create a seamless experience for its customers.

Binskin said they were on the hunt for a system that could integrate all the communication channels such as telephone and its website to provide information to staff on each customer.

“It's collecting all these different ways of communicating and engaging with customers, then on a platform that can integrate with multi-systems and multi-channels bringing into one place. Anyone sitting on that end-to-end process internally needs to be able to pick up see the information and run it through and the objective at Prospa is to provide that fast access to cash,” she said.

Prospa needed to have a single view of the customer, Binskin explained.

“All those interactions captured that information the customer has trusted us with and thought that opportunity that they want us to help them with, and that has to be all in a system,” she said.

Prospa turned to Salesforce to provide that end-to-end solution, “Salesforce was this end-to-end solution for us and it integrates with lots of other systems, which then creates that great customer experience,” she said.

“Salesforce is opening up the doors to go cloud-based, pivot quickly at Prospa. We are certainly looking to grow and scale, now we look back and it's been such rapid growth.

"We wouldn't be able to cope with the change that our customers or the market, has asked us or forced us to do, we wouldn't have been able to do that without a system like that using Salesforce,” she added.

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