Case Study: Quarter Acre prepares for post COVID growth after modernising its marketing

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Upgrading marketing automation systems, campaign systems, content creation and automation systems allowed Quarter Acre, a real estate agency and research company to operate more efficiently, says head of marketing, Rahul Bakaya.

Just as importantly, the key business impact has been an increase in customer engagement.

Bakaya says that despite the real estate industry typically being driven by word of mouth, the company’s investment in digital has driven success.

“We have double-digit growth in our user traffic for the website. We didn't have that before. And if you look at the bounce rates, it has gone down considerably, and average time spent on the website has gone up considerably because now what we are doing is we are giving away quality and educational content,” he says.

Educational content has allowed customers to find directions and information that is crucial to their purchasing decisions, leading to a more informed customer according to Bakaya.

While the investment into Quarter Acre’s digitalisation has brought significant benefit to the company, Bakaya says it was a challenging process.

The shift towards a more technology-based approach with a greater reliance on digital processes meant there was a need to overcome the understandable reticence of people in the company who have worked in the industry for 30 - 40 years. 

However after ensuring team members learned how to use the tools effectively, efficiency has never been higher, he says.

Quarter Acre scaled up its marketing automation during the pandemic, making use of the lockdown period to modernise.

“We utilised that time to develop our marketing function. So we knew once the restrictions are over, we will go full-blown, and we did. Post-COVID all our events, registration platforms, plannings, everything is automated. There’s an event every weekend, Saturday, Sunday, on average of three events, every weekend, sometimes we do have events during the week as well. But I don't have to sit down and plan everything, it's all automated now.”

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