Data driving operational efficiency for property and construction

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Data is critical to optimising the performance of large and complex buildings.

Digital Nation spoke to David Walsh, founder and CEO of SaaS based analytics platform CIM (Continuous Intelligence Monitoring), about how the property and construction industry can use data to improve operational efficiency and reduce electricity consumption.

“The reason that buildings don't run at their peak performance is, firstly, within a building, there are often legacy systems, control systems and different types of equipment don't always talk to each other correctly, and the data that they produce is very unstructured,” Walsh says.

Peak is a SaaS based platform that normalises and interrogates datasets, assisting with running buildings at their peak performance.

The Peak platform acquires, normalises, and transmits billions of data points every month, each data point containing all the information that the equipment is producing. Peak aims to increase operational efficiency and build a more profitable and easily managed asset.

Walsh outlines the benefits to business of aggregating high resolution and high-quality data,
“We currently gather 1.6 billion data points every month from all of those are the buildings that use our technology, and what people are able to do with that data is they're able to improve the collaboration within these assets,” he says.

Going forward, Walsh believes that data and will be the foundation of all property and construction developments.

“Data is the absolute glue that holds it all together. And it's a big challenge. It's a big challenge for us. It was three years of my research when I started CIM to be able to do that to go in and gather and acquire and normalise that data.”

“What's missing in the industry is the ability to get transparency across your 50 assets, for example, and then to be able to help everybody within that sector to collaborate more efficiently to get the issues fixed.”

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