For ANZ personalisation is centred on the customer need

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When creating a personalisation strategy, organisations need to get into the minds of their consumers to understand how they feel and what they want from the brand.

Simon Edwards Research and Insight Lead at ANZ Group discussed with Digital Nation how ANZ tackled their personalisation project.

Edwards said the bank does research for proposition development and experience development purposes.

“We are discovering what the consumers issues are, we prototype different solutions and experiences for them and that's how we develop them. But sometimes you get people who have been recruited and they have a general level of relevance, but sometimes that level of experience with the things you're trying to manufacture aren't strong enough,” he said.

Edwards uses an example of developing new experiences within the mortgage process or home loan process.

He said employees cannot speak to customers about the mortgage process unless they have experience within that sector.

“Unless you're in it, or you've recently been in it, the research can suffer because it has a lack of relevance to the customer, and they haven't experienced the things a customer goes through, that can have an impact on the result,” he said.

The existing program they have is with Qualtrics where they get customer feedback through surveys when their customers hit certain milestones or “episodes”.

“We are using those episodic triggers and those experiences to flag particular customers that we want to talk to, for other types of research to make sure that when we're talking to people, we're talking about something that's relevant to them, because they've recently gone through it,” he said.

“We're exploring things with people that have extremely high relevance to them and we think it makes a big difference in the results.”

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