Marketers lead uptake of automation, says HubSpot

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Marketers are using automation tools to improve efficiency internally as well as to add value for their customers.

Digital Nation spoke to Kat Warboys, Marketing Director APAC at Hubspot about the ways automation is being applied for marketers and how it is adding value.

“Data management has an increased importance when we talk about marketing automation, but also enabling marketers to be across more channels that their customers are in, without necessarily having to throw more headcount to manage these channels,” says Warboys.

She believes that while Hubspot serves marketing, sales and customer service professionals, marketers are leading the way in automation.

Warboys says that marketing uses automation 76 per cent more than their sales counterpart, believing that this will continue, and there’s no doubt in her mind that it was COVID that spurred this trend.

“We saw so many businesses that didn’t either have much of a digital presence, or really needed to accelerate that digital presence, because they were losing say an in store experience that they really relied on,” says Warboys.

“So I think COVID has really accelerated that trend of brands going ‘okay, what channels are our customers in right now?’, it's definitely largely digital, and we need to be there as well to serve them, and to do so in a personalised way.”

She highlights wine retailer Vino Mofo as an example of a customer that has seen positive results from integrating the tools, effectively implementing a data infrastructure which is often a key limitation for businesses.

“We just think about marketing automation in a bit of a silo, and often the quality of the data and also the widening tech stack or infrastructure that that marketing automation tool sits in, tends to be a little bit of an afterthought for organisations.”

“It can be a challenge, and if not addressed, it will definitely limit your ability to really execute great marketing automation and therefore customer experience.”

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