RevOps teams are best to drive the alignment around revenue and growth

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As marketing groups develop their RevOps strategies it is important to think beyond organisational structures, says Maggie Butler marketing team manager for HubSpot.

We asked Butler whether RevOps belongs best in sales or marketing?

“It's the wrong way to think about it. I don't think RevOps is a marketing function versus a sales function.”

Instead, she says, “These are go-to-market functions. You're thinking about sales, or thinking about service. You're also thinking about customer success and it's really about taking those three functions and aligning them.” 

She says it is important to ensure that all of the processes, systems and data, and people in those functions really serve the customer and are helping to create a customer journey that helps drive growth. 

According to Butler one common misconception is that people working in operations are not responsible for the customer journey. 

“It is your ops teams that actually design the processes that are used by the sales, marketing and services teams. It's your ops teams that are thinking about the tech stack and have the wherewithal to be able to see what marketing is using, what sales is using and come up with the right ways for those teams to effectively align.”

“RevOps is a function of your entire revenue engine, and needs to include all the stakeholders.”

“It’s that alignment that really helps to create a true RevOps strategy,” Bulter says.

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