RxMx platform digitises multiple sclerosis patient journey

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Designed as a digital health platform to automate patient and provider workflows, RxMx reimagines digital healthcare operations.

Digital Nation spoke to David Gahan, chief commercial officer at RxMx about how its MSGo platform co-developed with Australia’s largest medicines company Novartis, is digitally transforming the patient experience for multiple sclerosis patients in Australia.

“MSGo is a digital ecosystem that's comprised of a patient app, a physician app, and a web-based portal. The idea is that it seamlessly coordinates this health information for MS patients,” says Gahan.

“What we do is also collect real world evidence and patient reported outcomes on the go. And that is a huge ecosystem that we build that has multiple data points and touch points that we can really sort of send out to multiple different users.”

Gahan says that MSGo was developed to reduce MS patients' time to initiation as well as easing the paper-work burden.

He believes that providing individuals with a central point of information, reducing the need to remember lengthy treatment and management plans, brings comfort and security to the patients. Gahan claims that the average start times for MS therapy in Australia was 12 weeks; a number that they have reduced to just five.

“We have regular Net Promoter Score surveys for all the patients who use the platform, and they're absolutely fantastic. They're either extremely high or very satisfied with the service that we're providing,” he says.

Gahan believes that the medical sector is typically a laggard when it comes to the adoption and implementation of digital technologies.

“We have to add value, the doctors need to see a value proposition that's going to be worth spending three to five minutes on the system. And then you've got to be able to repay them in hours. Otherwise, they're just not interested,” he says.

“We know that the patients are really liking it. We know it's helping the physicians; we know it's getting the patients on therapy sooner. And we know it's making a difference. And it's a great feeling.”

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