Why marketers need a RevOps strategy

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Many marketers understand the power of marketing ops to drive efficiency but RevOps which can help drive growth and scale is a new concept for many. 

A core benefit of RevOps is that it helps reduce the kind of organisational friction that makes it harder for businesses to grow. 

According to Maggie Butler, marketing team leader for HubSpot, taking your business to the next level and driving growth is all about delivering a great customer experience. 

“Great customer experiences are how you retain customers and how you get new customers. But maintaining that customer experience as you grow is actually quite difficult.” 

Butler says there are a number of reasons for this including; 

  • The need to reallocate internal resources to support new customers 
  • Increasingly complex and often bloated technology stack 
  • And disjointed communication to customers across the marketing mix.  

There is also the issue that as businesses grow, they add new channels, and customers expect consistent experiences across all of those channels. 

“So this is really why a business employs a RevOps strategy. They want to optimise the people, the processes, the systems and the data that control how a business generates revenue. And they want to maintain that great customer experience, even as they grow.” 

According to Butler, “RevOps strategy can help you design your operations departments to more effectively support customer experience over time and it is important that any approach encompasses all of the other teams who are involved in revenue generation.” 

On the process side she says RevOps helps build frictionless internal processes that create a seamless, external customer experience. 

“We know that customers can actually feel our internal processes in the buyer's journey today. So having a really frictionless way of working inside your company only benefits you as you grow.” 

On the technology front she says organisations need to unify and align all of the elements in the technology stack used by their go-to-market teams to create a single source of truth. 

“That's why platforms are so important. That single source of truth, which produces really connected data that helps you get that 360 degree view of the customer is so important to creating great customer experiences as you grow.” 

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